So how are Bricks really made


After making our very own Mohenja daro bricks,we got an opportunity to see how bricks are really made.Thanks to my dad….he really gets the jest of Homeschooling.I was totally not expecting this,but he said he knew few people who make these on their farms.

So they collect mud add water.


Put the clay in these molds.And then leave them to dry in the sun.


After that these are arrange over a pit,to be baked.


Some fall apart.


It was a realization that,the way we made our bricks was more cumbersome.


But Alhumdulillah for the timely trip.



Aquarium diorama


Some day inshaAllah we would love to have a real aquarium but for now we decided to make one with a shoe box,some colored paper and fish which we found in our toy box.

I always try to help as little as possible,except where scissors and cutters are required.They decided to wrap the front with cling foil and but later my oldest decided to use transparent tape and only cover the first half….so its easy to change the decor :/


Our winter reading companion


With running nose and coughs and colds,our days are a bit lazy but Alhumdulillah ala kulli haal, this is part of being human.It took me a while to understand the fact that my kids will get sick.My older version thought kids should never get sick,NEVER.


So school started with measuring the ingredients, fun with hand mixer and pre heating the oven.


Lets see how long it takes for these yummies to get ready.


And Alhumdulillah ready for read alouds.Every time we will sit down with a book,someone will run to grab a cupcake.Happy reading!

Our very own Lego Cake!


I guess this was the most challenging cake to work on.Every one wanted to eat it right from the start,that is pretty much the case with all our  kitchen projects but in this case I think food colors were sooo tempting.

The biggest motivator for my boys is always food.And you always one with a sweet tooth.


This is the most difficult part of any baking session…waiting with patience.When your entire house is smelling delicious.




Behaviour managment using Arts

We do a sheet of drawing/doodle  almost everyday….it has helped us in many ways.They have learned to pay attention to details and stay more calm,when things are really not coming out right on the page…without realizing.I have been consciously telling them that making mistakes is alright and don’t worry about perfection….(but i think they never worried about that)

Another giant I was targeting was,bickering….and I explicitly starting giving them same projects to work on…they would look at each others work and make funny remarks,which were really not funny for mommy to listen to…but I just wanted to see how bad can this get.So the older brother would think he knows it all, and younger bro will make a masterpiece…(jaw dropped open)expression of older brother was always epic.When younger was stuck,he could only go to big brother asking for help and understood,he needs to be more kind in his words if he needs help.

So I am going to continue with a page of drawing everyday.This work was inspired from  pinterest


Softest Playdough



This was such a quick and no cook method of making play dough…..i just loved it,and the boys had blast kneading and messing up the kitchen.

I basically just went on Pinterest looking for play dough recipe and found this soooooo amazing.

All you need is 2:1 ratio of corn starch and any hair conditioner, for more fun add any food coloring.

Ofcourse its NOT edible.


At the end you’ll have Happy Kids and more to clean.