How we use our Morning Basket


Alhumdulillah!We start our days with a little routine and everyone comes together on the rug(its a story time feeling).We hang around our little morning basket more than we should.

It’s a bouquet of  books I read aloud and something I feel, is the soul of our home school.This gives us a positive start and sets the mood for the entire day.It keeps me soo grounded.

Sometimes the only way to get things done… seems to be using the most of your vocals.

And how much we desier Allah subhanahuwata’la to forgive us and be kind to us.

So we start with the Book of Tauhid,it has been  recorded that:

Jundub Ibn Abdullah al-Bajaly said, “We learned iman (faith) and then we learned the Quran and it increased our iman.”

Imam Abu Hanifa said:

Understand the religion first(i.e Tauhid) and then understand the science(i.e shariah).

After reading an ayaah or hadith….we just talk and question every detail.Then I read from Tafseer and then we move to a hadith from Al Lu’lu’- Wal-Marjan.

Usually it takes us about an hour to wrap this up….there is more talking and less reading.Sometimes I just read a hadith and it takes us deep into the valley of discussions.And I have to set a timer for myself…after an hour,I just close the books,or else we’ll keep talking.

No worksheets or quizzes for this.As the day unfolds you get to see the effects of this time.

So while I am doing all the reading, kids are either fiddling with their toys on the rug.Or maybe munching on some snack.


Some thing really neat about CM is she advocates to hold the big leather covered classic books and let the child see you reading from that.I was honestly a little  nervous when I first read from the Tafseer Quran, almost three years back(i thought my kids need color and more graphic stuff),but Alhumdulillah kids really just rolled in with me.Then after a while I moved to the book of Tauhid …just read an ayah which spoke about the purpose of creation and we just got into discussions….and then one fine day I read to them from Al Lu’lu’ Wal-Marjan….and they were amazed to know how everything that our beloved  Prophet Sallahualyhiwasalm said, has been recorded and well preserved Alhumdulillah.

Please note,not all days are same, but we try our best to put this as a priority.You might want to start really slow.

May Allah protect us from any riya’ (ostentation).


Islamic Tahdhib and Akhlaq


Alhumdulillah Islam is all about good character and beautiful mannerisms…if one only reads the Quran and Hadith it suffices but its always good to have gentle reminders. SubhanAllah found this amazing book at a Book Fair,couple of years ago.Islamic Tahdhib and Akhlaq by B.Aisha Lemu.The book is divided into two parts.The first part is Theory based on islamic teachings of tahdhib(character) and akhlaq (manners)consisting of 39 lessons and part two is The Practice providing practical models from the lives of Prophets,Sahabas and other pious muslims in 7 lessons.Lessons are to the point and brief.

Just love having such a book around,I usually pull it out for copy work.We do talk about things like what is alcohol and smoking etc,but always fail to show them the ayaah relevant to it…but ones we came across this topic in the book, I was relieved to see the ruling mentioned in Surah Maaidah 5:90-91.I like how its all in one place.The exercises at the end of each lesson has good points to start a discussion.Inserting Tables of content page.




Cotton clouds activity


I still remember as a child I always wanted to  touch the clouds and play and jump on them.

While discussing tawhid and Asma wa sifaat.We extensively talked about AL-Khaliq.An easy craft to go along the topic.We made clouds with cotton and stuck them to lovely blue craft paper.

Allah is Al-Khaliq the creator of everything.One can even do this with shaving cream…but of course we had none 🙂


Spending time alone…thinking!


MashaAllah there is so much out there to learn and explore, so many curriculum, toys ,approaches ,methodologies ,different styles of assessments and much more than I know.

In my dire attempt to stay focused on not leaving out something… I sometimes loose track of why was I here at the first place.

We live in an age of explosion of knowledge .but is this true knowledge or facts and figures sold at an exaggerated price? Is this Ilm un Nafi -beneficial knowledge.

Even religious knowledge remains mere information if not acted upon. To quote someone who remains anonymous “If I have all the information about what is to happen in the grave ,what questions will be asked and the relevant references from the Quran and the Hadith…what use is it all when it does not come to my aid when I am finally laid in the grave?”. It would only benefit me if i prepared accordingly.Information becomes knowledge when it benefits.

Knowledge needs to be acted upon.

Review on Stories of the World books by Safia Iqbal


Very recently I came across these sets of books called Stories of the World by Safia Iqbal, well as for the title our spine for history is Story of the world but by totally different author ,who lives in a totally different time zone.We have been using Story of the World by Susan Wise Bauer.and we LOVE it…the best part is – the activities and we all look forward to those.But right now i am talking about a very different set of books,these are called Stories of the world by Safia Iqbal.

I had never heard of her until I came across a shelf in a bookstore where just the title made me open the book.The content of the book is phenomenal,except that they still call Pluto a planet,other than that,it is really rich and polished with evidences for the Quran.The author says she does not want history facts to be merely for memorization,she wants students to connect to their past and environment …and she very much succeeded in doing so.

The author Safia Iqbaal passed away in 2010,she was a Principal of Scholars School in New Delhi ,India.The book’s Civic or Government part deals with Indian constitution,but that only comes up in book 5,and its only one lesson of two pages.This is a text book with Q&A and fill in the blanks at the end of every lesson.

Overall the content is very much backed up with scientific and Quranic facts.Its heavily Islamic.

I have started with book 3 ,for both my 10 and 6 years old boys.We did Astronomy and it was really informative.Though the pictures are all back and white and very old school,but we love it for the content.The books is divided into  Astronomy,Geography,History,Civics and Economics.Below I’ll insert the table of contents page from books 3,4,5 and6 .Amazon does not have them except Book 5 and 6.But check them out at


Book 3


Book 4


Book 5


Book 6

Islamic Studies Books by Susan Douglass

Islamic school books are written by Susan Douglass,and the best part about these is…every year or grade level has a different title,they are written for specific grade levels.But we just pick a subject of interest.These books are divided into four parts.Part One is Teacher’s Notes,Part Two is Student Text,Part Three is Teaching Suggestions and Enrichment Activities and Part Four is Unit Activities.We have been enjoying reading stories from here.I also use them for copy work.She has amazing book recommendations, inshaAllah will share those once I get them.The  pictures are black and white but children will really enjoy the stories and activities.


Children around the Prophet



Having a child with good Akhlaaq and manners is the top notch priority of every muslim parent.But things around are moving at such a fast pace,keeping up seems impossible.We as parents have to grab every opportunity to sit and talk to our kids and be able to connect with what’s cooking up in their heads.Never before was the need soo dire.May ALLAH make it easy for every parent. Br. Hesham Alawadi has a talk on Children around the Prophet,its pretty long,he talks about how to raise children using  Prophet’s May Peace Be Upon Him example.Link to the audio is HERE 

Ramadan Calender


Almost for every project we do ,we tend to forget to pull our our camera.But things will change inshaAllah.

To put this calendar together you will need

A large sheet of black construction paper

Sliver Paint pen

Golden stars

Glue & scissors

Make 30 tent cards with the number inside and phases of moon on the front and stick them on the large sheet!And decorate as you like.This was really simple and easy.

Have a blessed Ramadan!




One of the most important topic and very close to my heart is Aqeeda.We are doing lapbooking inspired by Iman’s Homeschool

This sister has such Ammazinggg worksheets and lapbooks, I have always learned soo much from her.May Allah bless her abundantly.She has been very generous in sharing her printable.




Honestly,the best tool to teach kids salaah is by doing it in front of them.These charts and folders can be brought in later.But reading salaah aloud has no replacements.Once they have perfected the basics,it might be time to introduce them to more technical aspects like the shuroot and wajibaat etc.

I would tell them these but like always was looking for something more and SubhanAllah,I came across these beautifully made sheets on