Islamic Tahdhib and Akhlaq


Alhumdulillah Islam is all about good character and beautiful mannerisms…if one only reads the Quran and Hadith it suffices but its always good to have gentle reminders. SubhanAllah found this amazing book at a Book Fair,couple of years ago.Islamic Tahdhib and Akhlaq by B.Aisha Lemu.The book is divided into two parts.The first part is Theory based on islamic teachings of tahdhib(character) and akhlaq (manners)consisting of 39 lessons and part two is The Practice providing practical models from the lives of Prophets,Sahabas and other pious muslims in 7 lessons.Lessons are to the point and brief.

Just love having such a book around,I usually pull it out for copy work.We do talk about things like what is alcohol and smoking etc,but always fail to show them the ayaah relevant to it…but ones we came across this topic in the book, I was relieved to see the ruling mentioned in Surah Maaidah 5:90-91.I like how its all in one place.The exercises at the end of each lesson has good points to start a discussion.Inserting Tables of content page.





Sources of Seerah

IMG_1562My kids are visual and kinesthetic learners.So to ease things for them I looked for images of the books of hadith,the ones I couldn’t find ….took prints of these stack of books and scrolls.Ofcourse Quran is the first source of seerah of Prophet Muhammad Sallahua’yhiwasaalm followed by Al-Sihah-al-Sittah(The Authentic Six) and then other books of hadith and the works of poets.

It was easy to make them understand by laying down everything on a single sheet of paper and numbering them.



We have been reading this book since they were toddlers,over and over and over again….that thing with kids where they pick the same book from shelf ,for like a month or so…..and are always excited….in fact this is our second copy.We LOVE this book.Alhumdulillah.

IMG_1603The living books approach is soo amazing and children retain so much if they like the content(or may be its about the attitude a parent/teacher shows that makes all the difference). While dealing with living books the parent lets the child connect to the author with out much interference.These may not exactly qualify for living books …but its somewhere there…. I think we need more authors and books which dont just provide information but help in creating that love with the subject.


For seerah we do very informal style narrations ,some days we just talk and some days we do scrapbook style cut and paste activities.