So how are Bricks really made


After making our very own Mohenja daro bricks,we got an opportunity to see how bricks are really made.Thanks to my dad….he really gets the jest of Homeschooling.I was totally not expecting this,but he said he knew few people who make these on their farms.

So they collect mud add water.


Put the clay in these molds.And then leave them to dry in the sun.


After that these are arrange over a pit,to be baked.


Some fall apart.


It was a realization that,the way we made our bricks was more cumbersome.


But Alhumdulillah for the timely trip.



An evening at an Art gallery

As a homeschooling mom I get excited every time I see an opportunity where kids will get to experience something new and interesting. Experience and exposure to new things, fuels the idea of endless possibilities.


I came across a rock art event that was scheduled in our city…my imagination started running wild,I could see a huge rock in the middle  of the room and tools with which kids will get to carve,or maybe they will show how to use limestone and coal as a chalk,or maybe how different pigments from nature can be used for drawing.



So finally we entered this art gallery and all I could see were petroglyphs depiction of pre historic women.

Now for the  interactive kids area…they had a station for kids to draw on brown paper,play dough and some juices. Hmmm …img_2811

It was nothing as I had expected it to be, cant blame them….its something about my homeschool mom brain.

All this made me realize two things- firstly that sometimes we underestimate ourselves as home educators and secondly every experience teaches us something,there must have been a reason that we ended up in that art gallery.


We had done most of  our study on stone age by reading stories of ancient world, watching documentaries ,grinding our own wheat and drawing loads of those cave man hunting scenes and on one of our visits to Al Ain we wrote our names with limestone on Jabel Hafidh . Sigh no pics 😦

That evening  we tried to make most of it.Alhumdulillah it was a good opportunity to meet a professional photographer.My 10 yr old mostly shy …there is this beautiful smile he gives me whenever I ask him to talk to people(which basically means..naa not interested) and my 6 yrs old asked the photographer if he can take the play dough home :/


So that day the most motivated person was my husband…after all,his drawings were much better than those on the rocks!