So how are Bricks really made


After making our very own Mohenja daro bricks,we got an opportunity to see how bricks are really made.Thanks to my dad….he really gets the jest of Homeschooling.I was totally not expecting this,but he said he knew few people who make these on their farms.

So they collect mud add water.


Put the clay in these molds.And then leave them to dry in the sun.


After that these are arrange over a pit,to be baked.


Some fall apart.


It was a realization that,the way we made our bricks was more cumbersome.


But Alhumdulillah for the timely trip.


Making the bricks of Mohenja daro

IMG_2972Alhumdulillah this was a project we all enjoyed,mostly because of the mess it created.We love everything ancient and legendary.Even if there is no story to support,we create one to go along.


So we started out with a pack of air dry clay, added few drops of water to make it smooth.


Then with the help of sturdy ruler,cut rectangular shape,almost similar in size.


It did take us a while to get all the bricks of same size,but that was the intend…to pay attention to details.


For the most part,the clay would stick together pretty well….but after it dried ,we found some bricks just fell apart…but that was easily fixed by school glue.


It really turned out dreamy.IMG_2974Boys have a more ambitious plan—lets build a whole city…..:/