Play is work of childhood


This is not for the weak at heart .It requires a great amount of trust and faith.It took us a while to understand how our kids learn.The whole process of building and brainstorming is soo crucial for them…they spend hours planning and executing.And once they have that perfect tent or house…its time to read a favorite book.The ones who still cant read,choose to read through pictures.

We see play as relief from serious learning,but for children play is serious learning.


But is this idea real.Who is going to fix this mess again.Well when you give importance to your child’s interest, they give importance to your interest. I let them pull thing and sometimes even help those tiny hands.And before maghrib we all run around the house to make it look as good as new.Its a team effort.All in the day’s work.

Our beloved Prophet Peace be upon him used to let his grandsons( Radiallahuanhum )ride on his back.A famous quote by Ali Radiallahuanh reads”We play with them for the first seven years,teach them the next seven years and become their friends for next seven years”




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