An uninvited guest

In the perfect world I would love to have a vegetable garden in front of my house and a backyard with chickens,a white goat, some cats in the background.but I can only vision this life for a day or two.Unfortunately I have always lived in a concrete jungle.I see claustrophobic tall buildings…I feel home.That’s ridiculous but its true.


As much as I love the whole nature study idea…little crawling things freak me out….but my boys love being around insects and animals.We found this little guy inside a cauliflower.


Boys wanted to keep this caterpillar as a pet but just when we were not paying attention…it disappeared somewhere… in the kitchen.And for me that meant  every corner of the kitchen needs to checked and cleaned,but Alhumdulillaah we found him dangling on the edge of kitchen table.After spending good 4 to 5 hours with us and letting us study all its moves and scales…our guest was escorted out to the garden across the street.img_2347

It was not as beautiful as the ones we saw in our books,but it was such an amazing sight SubhanAllah.




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