Spending time alone…thinking!


MashaAllah there is so much out there to learn and explore, so many curriculum, toys ,approaches ,methodologies ,different styles of assessments and much more than I know.

In my dire attempt to stay focused on not leaving out something… I sometimes loose track of why was I here at the first place.

We live in an age of explosion of knowledge .but is this true knowledge or facts and figures sold at an exaggerated price? Is this Ilm un Nafi -beneficial knowledge.

Even religious knowledge remains mere information if not acted upon. To quote someone who remains anonymous “If I have all the information about what is to happen in the grave ,what questions will be asked and the relevant references from the Quran and the Hadith…what use is it all when it does not come to my aid when I am finally laid in the grave?”. It would only benefit me if i prepared accordingly.Information becomes knowledge when it benefits.

Knowledge needs to be acted upon.


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