Routine for a little sanity

Mornings are the most crucial part of our day….If we manage to give it a good kick,our day pretty much falls in place.By falling in place all I mean is ,that slight breath that I take and think we did it!Though humans are always learning ,but a homeschooling mom’s brain is wired in a bit weird way.She’s always thinking she could have done more.I call it (homeschool mom disorder)

CM talks about habit formation and I am a huge believer good habits are building blocks of good character .To cultivate good habits one needs to visit them often.

I have one child who starts his day with no fuel and keeps dragging himself for as long as possible.Another hates to take shower.We earlier had issues of constipation and dehydration and I realized keeping a routine simplifies a lot of those issues,at least for our family.

Who wants to be a mom who nags and bickers all the time.I honestly hate it and the days I do that I am least productive. So before the start of this school year we sat and talked it out …all we needed was a little reminder and loads of motivation.So I made this really simple morning routine charts.They check the things they are done with.img_2831

So every picture is pretty self explanatory ,while they have breakfast I read a story and then we do our morning basket.After this they help me with chores and then we start with our school work.So far its working.


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