Review on Stories of the World books by Safia Iqbal


Very recently I came across these sets of books called Stories of the World by Safia Iqbal, well as for the title our spine for history is Story of the world but by totally different author ,who lives in a totally different time zone.We have been using Story of the World by Susan Wise Bauer.and we LOVE it…the best part is – the activities and we all look forward to those.But right now i am talking about a very different set of books,these are called Stories of the world by Safia Iqbal.

I had never heard of her until I came across a shelf in a bookstore where just the title made me open the book.The content of the book is phenomenal,except that they still call Pluto a planet,other than that,it is really rich and polished with evidences for the Quran.The author says she does not want history facts to be merely for memorization,she wants students to connect to their past and environment …and she very much succeeded in doing so.

The author Safia Iqbaal passed away in 2010,she was a Principal of Scholars School in New Delhi ,India.The book’s Civic or Government part deals with Indian constitution,but that only comes up in book 5,and its only one lesson of two pages.This is a text book with Q&A and fill in the blanks at the end of every lesson.

Overall the content is very much backed up with scientific and Quranic facts.Its heavily Islamic.

I have started with book 3 ,for both my 10 and 6 years old boys.We did Astronomy and it was really informative.Though the pictures are all back and white and very old school,but we love it for the content.The books is divided into  Astronomy,Geography,History,Civics and Economics.Below I’ll insert the table of contents page from books 3,4,5 and6 .Amazon does not have them except Book 5 and 6.But check them out at


Book 3


Book 4


Book 5


Book 6


Islamic Studies Books by Susan Douglass

Islamic school books are written by Susan Douglass,and the best part about these is…every year or grade level has a different title,they are written for specific grade levels.But we just pick a subject of interest.These books are divided into four parts.Part One is Teacher’s Notes,Part Two is Student Text,Part Three is Teaching Suggestions and Enrichment Activities and Part Four is Unit Activities.We have been enjoying reading stories from here.I also use them for copy work.She has amazing book recommendations, inshaAllah will share those once I get them.The  pictures are black and white but children will really enjoy the stories and activities.