Islamic Living books

Living books!A term that I use a lot with my homeschooling friends. The idea is simple ….don’t dumb it down! Raising the bars of the litirary content we hand over our children.

Charlotte Mason’s Philosophy on child education has really hit home with me.When ever I am reading her work….I keep nodding to my self in affirmation to most of the ideas she offers. Living books are great to nurture the enthusiasm of learning and it fans curiosity which most of the time leads to another living book.

I was able to find some books which did just that.They have an islamic theme or the story is set in a muslim background.Most of the books I am sharing here are written by Luqman Nagy, the illustrations are soo beautiful MashaAllah and the stories captivating, most of his books are available on Dar-us-Salam Publication website,they are too pricey on Amazon.

  1. Abdul Hay’s Tomato Red Tiles







2.Ahmet’s Secret





3.Green Muslims




4.Furqan Visits Fez




5.The Well-Travelled Quran



6.Abdul Haq’s Diploma Day



7.Uncle Rifat’s Garden



8.The Book of Ibns




9. Scientific Miracles in the Oceans and AnimalsIMG_2345IMG_2347










10.The Silver Dirham




11.The Most Beautiful Mihrab



12.Ibn Khaldun



13.Surat Al-‘ArdhIMG_2351











14.1001 InventionsIMG_2354





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