The lessons in the Black Forest Cake


A typical homeschooling mom tries to make a lesson out of everything.And I am no different,so we decided to have a Black Forest Cake to mark the completion of a very productive homeschool week.

Our kitchen was a full on workshop ,me teaching measurements,ratio and proportion,hygiene,team work and etc etc.Finally our cake was under snow white icing and those delicious chocolate shaves with love filled juicy cherries.Now all we had to do was chill it for couple of hours….(poor kids were really patient).

Well here we go,the most awaited moment….

The first bite dint seem to go right.Kids not soo sure what to say.I try having another bite, something was different about this cake.So I recap the recipe,well not much to ponder since it was a ready made cake mix by Betty Crocker.So the cake in itself was good …..

Oh, the icing….

I forgot to add sugar in the icing!

No Seriously! Did I miss the sugar.

Of course while teaching them all about measurements and ratio and proportion, I must have.

And since I don’t have an electric beater…I also made a point to tell them all those quotes on handwork……


Whisking that stubborn cream ….was such a battle,once I saw some fluffiness…I announced …Okkkk we are done ….lets pour the LOVE!


And Voila!

A Sugar Free Icing Black Forest Cake!

So lesson learned Work Smart not Hard.

or maybe Smart Hard Work!


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