Living books



Living books was a term originated by Charlotte Mason.Now why am I soo in love with this approach.Firstly because the author of such books are really passionate about their work.Secondly the facts are presented in story form.And who doesn’t like stories.

Its a well know fact that people have always resorted to stories to pass morals lessons from generation to generation.Stories are always cherished and no matter how many times you hear them,they never get old.

All time famous Aesop fables are one such example ,Aesop was a Greek slave,who used his imaginative animals with human characteristic to tech moral behaviors.

The mere text book style maybe helpful for some one who wants to prepare for an exam,but for some one who wants to immerse himself into the subject and fall in love with what he is reading,he will have to look for real books or living books.

Children love things which are more personalized and if they are able to make that connection with a book or author,the purpose of the books is achieved.One page test which Karen Andreola talks about in her book Charlotte Mason Companion is;

You will know  you have found a living book if you hear them plead,”Read me more”!








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