Types of Resting places


Since we are studying about pyramids which are basically graves or as I like to call them the resting places.My almost 10 years old son is ready for me to discuss this issue with him.He has attended a couple of funerals in the family,and is very well aware of Salatul Janazah.

Infact I remember once both brothers were playing while praying,they like to perform salah like its done in Haram.(like how they say the takbeer two times)….so after they said tasleem.Older bro asked little bro to lie to down in front, and he read Salatul Janazah.(yeah…he did that)!

I was totally like OMG….No way….they cant do that….I haven’t taught them this.

But within few second I got myself together and realized,I was the one to teach them to observe everything consciously going on around them and with kids its monkey see monkey do.

So moving on… initially Egyptians used to bury their dead in the same way as we Muslims do today,with slight differences.

Gradually they started to put a concrete or mud wall more like a mud cake type structure around the grave,which was called Mastaba.


And finally…they thought of putting up some steps to Mastaba,and there you have a step pyramid.Of course there are more details which my son went through but I am just giving a basic idea of what we were covering.


Since our spine is Islam, and this topic is ever so close to every Muslim…I brought in the Islamic way of burial.

We read very briefly,http://www.mfs.asn.au/ghusl–burial-steps.html


These are the examples of lahd or L shaped graves in Jannat ul Baqi (Madina).


If you are blessed to visit Madinah, do visit the museum, we were allowed to take the pictures which came in very handy while studying this topic.