Sugarcube Step Pyramid


Our step pyramid is missing two steps which we will inshallah install sometime later.I was thinking…in my math brain… starting with seven cubes will give us a six steps pyramid…but of course it dint….so you see this architect needs to do her homework.

IMG_1630But all in all we understood the what they meant by a step pyramid and did lots of math…like multiplying cubes…adding and estimations etc etc.

IMG_1628Like with most of our projects these days. I like to take a back seat and let the boys figure out things,but I remember my son did tell me our pyramid will be short!

IMG_1627So if you would like to do this project start with ten cubes at the base.As my kids were placing them right on top of the cube below…you may not do that and just place new cube between the two bottom ones….I think thats a better way to make a study pyramid.