Any time is Tea time


Hmm well not actually but usually….the first thing in the morning I need is a good sweet tea….with no background sound.Those 10 mints are sooo precious, I have to take out time for this.But then there are times when I just start the day with loading laundry(which is a sign of me being a bit cranky for the most part,so to handle this issue….I prefer to sip a cup right before we start our school time.Its just soo good to calm myself with warmth of the cup between my hands.




The sun starts to leave the horizon and in the school room we all feel a little lazy and want to take a little break,its almost 4’oclock and my oldest son prepares a wonderful cup of lemon tea, he is going to be turn 10 this year and he’s soo proud when he serves me.Other little people share,sip ,spill and move on.


If you ever invite me to your place, tea is what I’ll like to have … WITH sugar….please!!!