Behaviour managment using Arts

We do a sheet of drawing/doodle  almost everyday….it has helped us in many ways.They have learned to pay attention to details and stay more calm,when things are really not coming out right on the page…without realizing.I have been consciously telling them that making mistakes is alright and don’t worry about perfection….(but i think they never worried about that)

Another giant I was targeting was,bickering….and I explicitly starting giving them same projects to work on…they would look at each others work and make funny remarks,which were really not funny for mommy to listen to…but I just wanted to see how bad can this get.So the older brother would think he knows it all, and younger bro will make a masterpiece…(jaw dropped open)expression of older brother was always epic.When younger was stuck,he could only go to big brother asking for help and understood,he needs to be more kind in his words if he needs help.

So I am going to continue with a page of drawing everyday.This work was inspired from  pinterest