Styrofoam Pyramid

IMG_1620The boys were completely on their own for this project.By now they know how to handle acrylics. I wanted them to control glue and sand too. These triangles were left from our shape sorting basket,and they decided to make pyramids.




Ancient Civilization


After reading about fertile crescent we thought of making one of our own civilization.The idea was to make a river and gradually bring in the inhabitants…then focusing on farming…by now kids knew how important and convenient it was to live near a river.

It also gave them a good idea of why people lived near Nile or Tigris and Euphrates.


So we have two civilizations along the river bank….at one side the inhabitants have made roof with straws and on the other side the inhabitants decided to make huts…which are here looking like mushrooms.IMG_1614





Honestly,the best tool to teach kids salaah is by doing it in front of them.These charts and folders can be brought in later.But reading salaah aloud has no replacements.Once they have perfected the basics,it might be time to introduce them to more technical aspects like the shuroot and wajibaat etc.

I would tell them these but like always was looking for something more and SubhanAllah,I came across these beautifully made sheets on





Our love for history keeps growing with every new page.This time we were amazed at the craftsmanship behind these beautiful monuments.This week our study is based on town planning…but our primary focus is arches.IMG_1623

A lot of reading with some painting was a good start.These are Horseshoe arch,so in Islam horseshoe is a symbol of holiness and not luck as in other cultures.It was basically used to give more height than what classical semicircular arch did.In Britain it is called Moorish arch.IMG_1597


Behaviour managment using Arts

We do a sheet of drawing/doodle  almost everyday….it has helped us in many ways.They have learned to pay attention to details and stay more calm,when things are really not coming out right on the page…without realizing.I have been consciously telling them that making mistakes is alright and don’t worry about perfection….(but i think they never worried about that)

Another giant I was targeting was,bickering….and I explicitly starting giving them same projects to work on…they would look at each others work and make funny remarks,which were really not funny for mommy to listen to…but I just wanted to see how bad can this get.So the older brother would think he knows it all, and younger bro will make a masterpiece…(jaw dropped open)expression of older brother was always epic.When younger was stuck,he could only go to big brother asking for help and understood,he needs to be more kind in his words if he needs help.

So I am going to continue with a page of drawing everyday.This work was inspired from  pinterest


Sources of Seerah

IMG_1562My kids are visual and kinesthetic learners.So to ease things for them I looked for images of the books of hadith,the ones I couldn’t find ….took prints of these stack of books and scrolls.Ofcourse Quran is the first source of seerah of Prophet Muhammad Sallahua’yhiwasaalm followed by Al-Sihah-al-Sittah(The Authentic Six) and then other books of hadith and the works of poets.

It was easy to make them understand by laying down everything on a single sheet of paper and numbering them.



We have been reading this book since they were toddlers,over and over and over again….that thing with kids where they pick the same book from shelf ,for like a month or so…..and are always excited….in fact this is our second copy.We LOVE this book.Alhumdulillah.

IMG_1603The living books approach is soo amazing and children retain so much if they like the content(or may be its about the attitude a parent/teacher shows that makes all the difference). While dealing with living books the parent lets the child connect to the author with out much interference.These may not exactly qualify for living books …but its somewhere there…. I think we need more authors and books which dont just provide information but help in creating that love with the subject.


For seerah we do very informal style narrations ,some days we just talk and some days we do scrapbook style cut and paste activities.










Softest Playdough



This was such a quick and no cook method of making play dough…..i just loved it,and the boys had blast kneading and messing up the kitchen.

I basically just went on Pinterest looking for play dough recipe and found this soooooo amazing.

All you need is 2:1 ratio of corn starch and any hair conditioner, for more fun add any food coloring.

Ofcourse its NOT edible.


At the end you’ll have Happy Kids and more to clean.