We usually begin our school day with me reading tafseer.So far kids love it,Alhumdulillah and look forward to it.I take a more relaxed approach right now….its more like..where dose the tafseer fit in our daily dealings.And we talk a lotttt, or you can call it an intellectual discussion lol….basically I let the boys talk and hear what they got from the read.



I try to be a couple of pages ahead of my kids,so I am prepared for their inquisitive questions and I get enough time to look for examples.Sometimes if there is a behavior issue, or a lot of bickering, this is the best time to talk about it, and resolve the issue.

After we have completed a chapter we do these wonderful worksheets from Amuslimhomeschool.com.It’s such a blessing to have found this blog and the sister has some really wonderful work that is mostly free.I have many downloads from her page.

Here’s the workbook that we use for juz amma