So how are Bricks really made


After making our very own Mohenja daro bricks,we got an opportunity to see how bricks are really made.Thanks to my dad….he really gets the jest of Homeschooling.I was totally not expecting this,but he said he knew few people who make these on their farms.

So they collect mud add water.


Put the clay in these molds.And then leave them to dry in the sun.


After that these are arrange over a pit,to be baked.


Some fall apart.


It was a realization that,the way we made our bricks was more cumbersome.


But Alhumdulillah for the timely trip.



Making the bricks of Mohenja daro

IMG_2972Alhumdulillah this was a project we all enjoyed,mostly because of the mess it created.We love everything ancient and legendary.Even if there is no story to support,we create one to go along.


So we started out with a pack of air dry clay, added few drops of water to make it smooth.


Then with the help of sturdy ruler,cut rectangular shape,almost similar in size.


It did take us a while to get all the bricks of same size,but that was the intend…to pay attention to details.


For the most part,the clay would stick together pretty well….but after it dried ,we found some bricks just fell apart…but that was easily fixed by school glue.


It really turned out dreamy.IMG_2974Boys have a more ambitious plan—lets build a whole city…..:/

How we use our Morning Basket


Alhumdulillah!We start our days with a little routine and everyone comes together on the rug(its a story time feeling).We hang around our little morning basket more than we should.

It’s a bouquet of  books I read aloud and something I feel, is the soul of our home school.This gives us a positive start and sets the mood for the entire day.It keeps me soo grounded.

Sometimes the only way to get things done… seems to be using the most of your vocals.

And how much we desier Allah subhanahuwata’la to forgive us and be kind to us.

So we start with the Book of Tauhid,it has been  recorded that:

Jundub Ibn Abdullah al-Bajaly said, “We learned iman (faith) and then we learned the Quran and it increased our iman.”

Imam Abu Hanifa said:

Understand the religion first(i.e Tauhid) and then understand the science(i.e shariah).

After reading an ayaah or hadith….we just talk and question every detail.Then I read from Tafseer and then we move to a hadith from Al Lu’lu’- Wal-Marjan.

Usually it takes us about an hour to wrap this up….there is more talking and less reading.Sometimes I just read a hadith and it takes us deep into the valley of discussions.And I have to set a timer for myself…after an hour,I just close the books,or else we’ll keep talking.

No worksheets or quizzes for this.As the day unfolds you get to see the effects of this time.

So while I am doing all the reading, kids are either fiddling with their toys on the rug.Or maybe munching on some snack.


Some thing really neat about CM is she advocates to hold the big leather covered classic books and let the child see you reading from that.I was honestly a little  nervous when I first read from the Tafseer Quran, almost three years back(i thought my kids need color and more graphic stuff),but Alhumdulillah kids really just rolled in with me.Then after a while I moved to the book of Tauhid …just read an ayah which spoke about the purpose of creation and we just got into discussions….and then one fine day I read to them from Al Lu’lu’ Wal-Marjan….and they were amazed to know how everything that our beloved  Prophet Sallahualyhiwasalm said, has been recorded and well preserved Alhumdulillah.

Please note,not all days are same, but we try our best to put this as a priority.You might want to start really slow.

May Allah protect us from any riya’ (ostentation).

First language lessons for grammar


Alhumdulillah finally we have completed both levels of First Language Lessons.Honestly it was a very good investment.Just love how the whole book is laid out,we did skip poems here and there but were in sink for the most part.

Its always a good idea to go to experts for core subjects.It took me a very long time to decide which grammar curriculum I would buy,but alhumdulillah this really worked well with our family.

Maybe after a month we will start with level 3.Will be getting pdf’s this time from here.

Don’t loose it,Reuse it


Just before you’re thinking of going and buying some overly priced manipulatives…take a deep breath and have a look around…there MUST be something you already have .Talking from experience, these marketing guys do an exceptionally good job of promoting their products and most of the time,its not worth the money you put in.

Unless you know yourself really well ,that you will spend most of your time in DIYing rather than facilitating.

Like I really wanted those cute teddy bear counters..but aren’t these doing the job good enough.Of course I have few of those that I regret.

Islamic Tahdhib and Akhlaq


Alhumdulillah Islam is all about good character and beautiful mannerisms…if one only reads the Quran and Hadith it suffices but its always good to have gentle reminders. SubhanAllah found this amazing book at a Book Fair,couple of years ago.Islamic Tahdhib and Akhlaq by B.Aisha Lemu.The book is divided into two parts.The first part is Theory based on islamic teachings of tahdhib(character) and akhlaq (manners)consisting of 39 lessons and part two is The Practice providing practical models from the lives of Prophets,Sahabas and other pious muslims in 7 lessons.Lessons are to the point and brief.

Just love having such a book around,I usually pull it out for copy work.We do talk about things like what is alcohol and smoking etc,but always fail to show them the ayaah relevant to it…but ones we came across this topic in the book, I was relieved to see the ruling mentioned in Surah Maaidah 5:90-91.I like how its all in one place.The exercises at the end of each lesson has good points to start a discussion.Inserting Tables of content page.




Aquarium diorama


Some day inshaAllah we would love to have a real aquarium but for now we decided to make one with a shoe box,some colored paper and fish which we found in our toy box.

I always try to help as little as possible,except where scissors and cutters are required.They decided to wrap the front with cling foil and but later my oldest decided to use transparent tape and only cover the first half….so its easy to change the decor :/


Dig and learn


Alhumdulillah…boys had good time working together,we could only get one of these kits and with all honesty ,I just thought it was pricey.


But there is always barakah in less and we have to learn to accommodate and make space for everyone.

The only off was skulls on coins,but then it was a pirate treasure dig…what was I expecting.

img_2889The digging kit also came along with lots of cleaning.


Cotton clouds activity


I still remember as a child I always wanted to  touch the clouds and play and jump on them.

While discussing tawhid and Asma wa sifaat.We extensively talked about AL-Khaliq.An easy craft to go along the topic.We made clouds with cotton and stuck them to lovely blue craft paper.

Allah is Al-Khaliq the creator of everything.One can even do this with shaving cream…but of course we had none 🙂


Our winter reading companion


With running nose and coughs and colds,our days are a bit lazy but Alhumdulillah ala kulli haal, this is part of being human.It took me a while to understand the fact that my kids will get sick.My older version thought kids should never get sick,NEVER.


So school started with measuring the ingredients, fun with hand mixer and pre heating the oven.


Lets see how long it takes for these yummies to get ready.


And Alhumdulillah ready for read alouds.Every time we will sit down with a book,someone will run to grab a cupcake.Happy reading!